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We are Lara & Eric

The travel couple behind this blog and social media channels @travelento. We adore everything travel, wellness and wine related and created this blog to share curated recommendations with you!

In our blog you will find comprehensive and authentic guides about the worlds best destinations, hotels and experiences. By scrolling down you will get to know us a little better!

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Who are we?

A Brazilian-Swedish couple (can you guess who is from where? 🙂 ), based in Stockholm with a big passion for adventures, different cultures and cuisines.

Together, we have been to 40+ countries and have a huge bucket list ahead of us. French Polynesia, Tibet, New Zealand, Uzbekistan and Peru are on top of it, but being fairly spontaneous, we can head somewhere unimaginable on a whim. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep updated!

We both have 9-5 jobs and travel on our vacation days and holidays. It’s one of our goals to show you that being a “full time traveler” is not a pre-requisite for traveling further and plenty. With some strategy and curiosity, it’s totally possible to explore this magnificent world of ours in a travelento way.

Speaking of which, lento means slow in Portuguese, and our blog’s name was inspired by our preference for traveling slow and with presence. We live first and post later, and we travel in a pace that allows for contemplation and connections. That enables us to share authentic and meaningful recommendations with you. And inspire you to travel better. We truly can’t think of a more exciting mission!

now – shall we get personal?

Sweden – Brazil



More about us

02. we love our home

We love being at home as much as we love traveling. Stockholm is a fantastic city!

04. Eric’s passions

Eric is a true wine and beer geek. He writes detailed reviews on Vivino, go check it out!

06. Obsessions

We are obsessed about crystal clear waters, mountains and waterfalls

01. 5 years and counting

We met right after Lara moved to Stockholm, 5 years ago, and have been inseparable since

03. 9-5 jobs

We both have jobs we love. Lara is a lawyer focused on data compliance and Eric is a software developer

05. Lara’s Passions

Lara practices yoga and meditation daily and can’t miss a sunset

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