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Checking in to Grand Hotel Fasano in Lake Garda

During our recent trip to Italy, we had to privilege of staying at the luxurious Grand Hotel Fasano. Nestled on the tranquil shores of Lake Garda, this iconic hotel is an emblem of Italian hospitality. And for over a century, it has been the quintessential 5 stars hotel choice in the Riviera Gardone, on the southwestern banks of the lake.

We were impressed by how seamlessly Grand Hotel Fasano blends classic opulence with modern luxuries, such as the newly renovated AQVA SPA. An air of sophistication and exclusivity radiates in the property and it’s no surprise it has earned a coveted place among the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World collection. As lovers of wellness and luxury hotels, we couldn’t have been more pleased with our stay and can’t wait to share the highlights with you in this post!

The iconic Grand Hotel Fasano

Since its inception in 1888, Grand Hotel Fasano has been a reference of impeccable hospitality. What began as a hunting retreat for the Austrian Imperial family has effortlessly transitioned into a prestigious 5-stars hotel. Its elegant neoclassical architecture has been recognized as a National Heritage Site of Italy, a true testament to the unparalleled allure of the property.

Grand Hotel Fasano
5 stars hotel Grand Hotel Fasano
Grand Hotel Fasano Lake Garda
Grand Hotel Fasano

As we explored the hotel premises, we were transported back in time to an era of European grandeur and sophistication. Each room and space was adorned with marble accents, antique furnishings, and tasteful minimalist furnishing.

Our eyes were drawn to the ornate decorations, including a priceless Fabergé egg, which evokes a highly sophisticated atmosphere. The library, filled with good reads and cozy corners was one of our favorite areas inside the property.

Outdoor areas at Grand Hotel Fasano

Nestled within a sprawling 12,000 square meters ancient park and boasting private access to the lake, Grand Hotel Fasano is the ultimate definition of a destination hotel. Cypress, banana and palm trees adorn the outdoor areas and create the an environment in harmony with nature. Whether you seek a laid-back retreat or an active getaway, the hotel offers a plethora of options to fill your days.

luxury hotel Grand Hotel Fasano
Grand Hotel Fasano 5 stars hotel
Lake Garda 5 stars hotel

Indulging in the outdoor pool is an absolute must during your stay at the Grand Hotel Fasano. Divided into two sections – one for adults and one for children – the pool features a thrilling slide that is sure to delight the younger members of the family. Around the pool, you’ll find elegant day-beds and couches to bask in the Italian sun. In the warmer days, taking a dip in the lake is just what the doctor ordered!

Grand Hotel Fasano pool
Grand Hotel Fasano blog review

Speaking of which, one of the most notable perks of Grand Hotel Fasano is its private access to the waters of Lake Garda. Being able to swim in the lake while making the most of the hotel structure is the epitome of a perfect day in Lake Garda. We couldn’t resist taking short swims and relishing in the invigorating water of the lake, even in the slightly cooler temperatures of mid-October!

Grand Hotel Fasano access to lake Garda

Between the hours of 12.30 and 14.30 it’s possible to enjoy delicious Italian meals at Magnolia Restaurant. Nestled in the hotel’s park, adjacent to the pool, this charming eatery sits under the shade of a magnificent two-century-old magnolia tree. It’s the perfect choice for lazy afternoons when leaving the property for lunch just isn’t in the plans!

Grand Hotel Fasano

At the heart of the expansive outdoor area lies a charming wooden pier – not just a functional, but also a picturesque spot to take in the stunning vistas of the lake. From there you’ll have the views of Isola del Garda and the nearby charming villages. You’ll also find beautiful views while walking down the waterfront promenade area, so take the time to explore!

AQVA SPA wellness center

The allure of AQVA Spa at Grand Hotel Fasano was simply irresistible to us. As true wellness lovers, it was no surprise the spa became our favorite area in the hotel. The newly renovated and expanded wellness center has become a sanctuary of tranquility and is the ultimate area for unwinding in Lake Garda.

Grand Hotel Fasano spa

Stepping into this luxurious spa, you’ll be greeted by a pool nestled amidst a luminous ambiance, where light dances with water reflections amidst elegant columns that pay homage to Italian architectural grandeur.

Comfortable day beds are thoughtfully placed around the spa, inviting you to settle in and embark on a journey through its many wonders. In the main room you’ll find a modern and chic jacuzzi, while the adjacent steam room, adorned with verdant stones, offers a rejuvenating experience.

Spanning across 3,500 square meters, the AQVA Spa offers a variety of saunas, including the steam and Finnish saunas, which were our personal favorites. For the ultimate Scandinavian experience, we highly recommend taking a refreshing dip in the cool pool after each session!

AQVA SPA Grand Hotel Fasano Hotel
AQVA SPA Grand Hotel Fasano Hotel

Aside from the impressive facilities, the spa also offers an extensive range of treatments. From Ayurvedic rituals inspired by AVEDA to more traditional experiences, there is something for every preference. The prestigious Parisian cosmetic brand, SOTHYS, has a prominent presence at the spa, with their products being used in selected treatments and in the common areas. I absolutely loved the invigorating scents of their shower gels!

Please be aware that parts of the AQVA Spa are welcoming to kids while others are adults only.

The rooms

Grand Hotel Fasano boasts a diverse selection of 79 rooms, each with their own unique features and alluring charm. They are grouped into 7 different categories, which are are well described here. I recommend taking the the time to explore the available options before you book. Personally, I think it’s worth booking a room with lake view, as waking up to the serene landscapes of Lake Garda is a true dream come true. However, regardless of the category, you’ll surely get an accommodating and stylish chamber decorated in warm cream hues to spend magical days by the lake.

Our superior room with lake view was comfortable and elegant. The modern bathroom, stocked with luxurious Aqua di Parma amenities, added a sensory element to our stay. It’s the little things that make a difference, and Grand Hotel Fasano’s attention to detail, even in the toiletries, is what ultimately delivers the luxurious experience it is famous for.

Grand Hotel Fasano balcony

The highlight of our room was its spacious balcony with direct views to the lake. It was the perfect spot to unwind with a glass of wine, taking in the majestic scenery before us. Waking up to the serene views of Lake Garda is a memory we’ll cherish forever!

Eat and drink: restaurants & bars

With its impressive culinary offerings, Grand Hotel Fasano elevates the dining experience to new heights with not one, but two executive chefs at the helm. Maurizio Bufi is the responsible chef for Il Fagiano, a sophisticated fine-dining establishment, as well as the Breakfast Room. Meanwhile, Pasquale Tozzi leads Il Magnolia, a breezy lunch spot, and Il Pescatore Restaurant, a haven for Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts.

We had the chance to try the menu degustazione at Il Pescatore Restaurant accompanied by a suggested wine pairing package. It was simply a great dining experience. The set menu is comprised of 5 different courses of Mediterranean influence, with ingredients from both the sea and land. All of them were delicious, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d go for the sole, leek and ginger dish. The menu and prices can be found here , along with the system to book a table.

Grand Hotel Fasano restaurants

As if the restaurants weren’t enough, Grand Hotel Fasano also boasts two sensational bars. The iconic La Terraza offers a panoramic view of the lake and a lively ambiance, perfect for enjoying signature drinks at any time of day. Sunset is the ideal time to visit, as the open fires create a warm and inviting ambiance. We couldn’t resist trying the signature drinks, including the irresistible Shirley Temple 2.0 and the refreshing Conte Camilo. They were both great!

Grand Hotel Fasano

The Gin Lounge is the most popular after-dinner spot at the hotel. It features more than 70 different gins and 30 tonic waters. Connoisseurs and curious drinkers can mix and match to create the ultimate Gin & Tonic tasting experience. Both bars offer cocktails crafted by the talented Rama Redzepi.

The restaurants and bars are open to non-guests upon reservation. You can check availability and menus here.

The breakfast

The breakfast menu is crafted by the skilled chef Maurizio Bufi and offers an unparalleled selection of mouth-watering dishes to kickstart the day. From a tantalizing array of cold cuts, including charcutiers and fishes, to the unexpected luxury of swordfish served on a breakfast buffet. Grand Hotel Fasano has certainly raised our bar for breakfast expectations!

Tempting pastries, locally-sourced cheeses, and other delectable delights await at the buffet. But guests are welcome to order made-to-order favorites like eggs benedict and fluffy omelets. All of that accompanied by Mimosas and Bellinis. What a luxury!

And as if the culinary excellence wasn’t enough, the beautiful terrace overlooking Lake Garda is brought to life with live music, creating the ultimate wake-up call for all the senses. I’ve yet to find a better way to wake up than this!

Additional considerations

We had a fantastic stay at Grand Hotel Fasano and honestly can’t think of a better 5-stars hotel in Lake Garda. The service is exceptional and the atmosphere couldn’t feel more luxurious. If you feel inspired to book your stay, please do so by using our Booking link.

Keep in mind this is a seasonal hotel, typically operating between April and end of October. While the dates may fluctuate, a quick check of their website will ensure your stay is perfectly timed!

Thank you to Grand Hotel Fasano for hosting us. As always, the opinions and pictures features in this review are entirely our own.

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