April in Stockholm: weather, things to do and travel guide

April is a great month to visit Stockholm. After a long and dark winter, spring is finally in the air and Stockholmers couldn’t be more excited. It’s a month of milder temperatures, and longer days, when we feel it’s time to spend quality time outdoor and in nature. There’s a lively atmosphere in the air, especially when the sun is out and flowers are in bloom, and many cultural events to enjoy. But there’s a catch tough, the weather in April can be quite unpredictable, ranging from snowstorms to sunny 15°C in the same week. But if you don’t mind the weather, an April in Stockholm getaway can be simply delightful. This travel guide will help you make the most of it!

April in Stockholm best things to do

How is the weather in April in Stockholm?

The weather in Stockholm in April is a box of surprises. Not only does it look different from year to year, but also change quickly and doesn’t really respect long-term predictions. That’s what we refer to as “Aprilväder”, alluding to the annoyingly unreliable weather conditions in April.

To give you an idea, when I moved to Stockholm 7 years ago, the whole month of April boosted consistent 20+°C temperatures and plenty sunshine. This year, on the other hand, has brought us sunny days with over 10°C in the beginning of April, as well as snowstorm by the end of the month – go figure. So, if you plan for a trip to Stockholm in April, it’s wise to mentally prepare for any type of weather condition. And if warmer and sunnier days are crucial to you, I’d advise booking a trip to Stockholm in May instead, preferably the last half of the month.

Best things to do in April in Stockholm

What April lacks in weather predictability, it makes up for in cultural events and celebrations. As the sunlight returns after a long winter, Stockholm comes alive with festivals, Easter Holidays and the blossoming of flowers. There’s a vibrant atmosphere in the air and much to enjoy. Apart from the classic itinerary, here’s a curated list of best things to do in April in Stockholm:

1) Weekend loppis

We’re all about sustainability in Sweden and secondhand shopping is an intrinsic part of our culture. So, when the weather conditions allow, vibrant outdoor flea markets pop up everywhere during weekends. We call them Loppis, which is an abbreviation for Loppmarknad – the Swedish word for flea market. They come in different shapes and sizes, but most will offer a mix of clothing items for adults and children, decoration objects, and books. Visiting a loppis a must-do in Stockholm and you can find locations and opening hours by Googling “loppis Stockholm April”.

April in Stockholm
April in Stockholm

2) Celebrate Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis is celebrated in Sweden on the 30th of April. Also known as Valborg, this cherished tradition marks the arrival of spring and the much anticipated long and sunny days. The classic way of celebrating Valborg is joining locals around a bonfire for singing and mingling. But some prefer to celebrate in clubs, with serious partying and drinking. From sing-alongs to spirited gatherings, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the festivities.

April in Stockholm
April in Stockholm events

Skansen is a classic place to celebrate Valborg, but there are bonfires all around Stockholm. For a more intimate experience, head to Lilla Sickla which is a favorite spot of ours. You can easily combine the Valborg celebrations with a walk in Nackareservatet, a beautiful urban forest.

3) Cherry blossoms

We’re huge fans of cherry blossoms and love to stroll around Stockholm when they are in full bloom. Although not as abundant as in Japan, the cherry trees adorn the city and bring the most joyful atmosphere to it and its residents. There are great spots to enjoy these delicate flowers and even picnic around them, and that’s exactly what we unveil on this post. Our top picks are Kungsträdgården and Luma Park, as well as Lugnets Allé in Hammarby Sjöstad.

April in Stockholm cherry blossoms
Stockholm April

Though the full bloom dates can vary depending on weather patterns, you can typically expect to witness this breathtaking display from late April to early May.

4) Kulturnatt

Kulturnatt is a one of the liveliest nights of the year in Stockholm. It’s when museums, galleries, studios and even public buildings, like the parliament, welcomes visitors free or charge between 6pm-2am. This special night usually takes place towards the end of April, but dates vary from year to year so make sure to check before booking flights. It’s one of the best weekends to visit Stockholm, not only for the vibrant cultural scene but also for the opportunity to save money by visiting many paid attractions in one night!

Kulturnatt Stockholm
Kulturnatt Stockholm

5) Long walks or bike rides

There’s no better way to enjoy a sunny day in Stockholm than going on a long walk or bike ride. So put on comfortable shoes and get ready to experience the exquisite geography of Stockholm like locals do – by foot or bike. Some of our favorite areas to explore are: Strändvägen all the way to Djurgården, Skeppsholmen, Hornsberg Strand and Hammarby Sjöstad. All of these spots and many more are tagged on our personalized Google Maps, so make sure to check it out!

April in Stockholm things to do
April in Stockholm best things to do

You can book a guided biking tour around Stockholm here!

6) Visit the archipelago

If you think Stockholm is beautiful, wait until you see the archipelago around it. Comprised of 30.000 islands featuring stunning nature and great local food, this is definitely a place worthy of your bucket list. Fjäderholmarna, Vaxholm, and Värmdö are the closest and most convenient islands to reach from Stockholm center. And what’s best of all? You can visit them as a day trip in April using your SL card. From May onwards, a special ticket will be required to get to these gorgeous islands. If you have enough time, I’d definitely recommend staying overnight at a cabin or spa hotel like the Fågelbrohus.

April in Stockholm best things to do

7) Visit Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund is an amusement park established in the heart of Stockholm. Founded in 1883, this is one of the most classic attractions in the city and attract tourists and locals alike. Although the park remains closed in the first half of April, it can be enjoyed from the last week of the month onwards. It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Stockholm and I recommend visiting during sunset time, when the skies are painted in beautiful hues of orange and make the experience even more magical.

8) Wander in a forest

One of our favorite things about Stockholm is how easily we can get in touch with nature. There are so many green areas in the city center, as well as some great forests areas just around the corner. For us, there’s nothing quite like the serenity of wandering through forests and beside lakes, and we seize every opportunity to do so. It’s ingrained in our culture, and to miss out on this integral aspect of Stockholm’s allure would be a missed opportunity indeed. That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend carving out time during your stay to explore a nature reserve. Nackareservatet and Hellasgården are super close to the city center, but if you’re willing to get more adventurous, head to Tyresta or Tiresö.

Stockholm in April
Stockholm in April

9) Play Boule

Boule is Sweden’s version of petanque, a French game created in the Middle Ages and popular until this day. It’s a very popular thing to do in Stockholm on sunny spring evenings, and there are many places where you can combine the game with a delicious meal and refreshing drinks. The Boulebar at Rålambshov and Haga Parken are classic options, and so it our favorite Boule & Berså in Saltjsjöqvarn.

What to do if the weather isn’t good

I hope you’ll be greeted by blue skies and warm temperatures when you come to Stockholm. However, knowing how unpredictable the weather can be in April, I think it’s wise to give you some advice on best things to do in April in Stockholm on rainy days:

10) Subway station tour

Stockholm is home to some of the most beautiful and unique subway stations in the world. From rainbows paintings at Stadion to Roman sculptures at Kungsträdgården, there’s so much to explore while being protected from rain and cold weather conditions. Get a metro card and set on an underground exploration around Stockholm. Here you’ll find our suggested itinerary, but if you don’t have the time for the whole excursion, I recommend focusing on Stadion, T Centralen, Rådhuset, Kungsträdgården and Mörby Centrum!

11) Visit museums

Stockholm has a myriad of great museums, and they make for a perfect place to be during gloomy rainy days. To start with, head to Vasa Museum, Sweden’s most celebrated and visited Museum focused on the Vasa Ship, it’s crew and the lifestyle in Sweden when the ship sank. Right around the corner you’ll find other great museums such as Nordiska Museet, ABBA Museum and Viking Museum. If you’re a fan of photography, you can’t miss Fotografiska close to Slussen!

Book your tickets to Stockholm’s museums in advance!

12) Visit an IKEA store

What’s more Swedish than an IKEA store? Very few things, right? So, when visiting Stockholm, make sure to plan for a trip to IKEA, especially during a rainy day when it’s not so comfortable being outdoors. The most convenient store in Stockholm is at Gallerian, very close to Kungsträdgården. There you’ll find typical IKEA products and meals. You can’t miss trying the meat balls dish, as it’s a Swedish staple!

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