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How much does a 6-day ski trip to the Three Valleys France cost?

Dreaming with winter getaway and wondering how much does a 6-day ski trip to the Three Valleys France cost? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find a hand-crafted budget estimation for traveling to the Les 3 Vallées in 2024. Before jumping into the cost breakdown, I recommend checking the complete travel guide to the Three Valleys, where you’ll find curated recommendation of experiences, hotels, restaurants and more. Now, let’s dig into the costs of skiing in the French Alps!

How much does a 6-day ski trip to the Three Valleys France cost?

I tend to be cautious when sharing overall travel costs because the truth is, each trip can have a completely different budget. But since a lot of you requested on Instagram, I decided to put together this comprehensive cost guide. It’s based on my experience and on extensive research, and I’m sure it will help your travel planning!

Please keep in mind that accommodation and dining costs can vary significantly depending on your budget and personal preferences. On the other hand, costs of ski-passes, equipment rental and courses are pretty much fixed. And that’s exactly what allow us to get to a good estimate of how much a ski trip to the Three Valleys France, aka Les 3 Vallées, cost. With that said, let’s look at each of the travel costs in details.

Accommodation in the Three Valleys

The Three Valleys offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. On one end of the spectrum, you can find cozy Airbnbs starting at 120€ per night, which provide a homey feel and the convenience of a kitchen. On the other end, you’ll find lavish 5-star hotels which cost up to 1000€ per night for a couple, offering premium amenities and services for a luxurious stay.

There is a huge discrepancy between accommodation costs, and that’s what will mostly influence your overall travel budget. But the good news is – there’s something for everyone and that’s what you’ll be able to confirm by checking our curated selection of hotels and chalets for all budgets. Below, you’ll find our top hotel recommendations in Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens for budget, mid-range and luxury travelers.

How much does a 6-day ski trip to the Three Valleys France cost?
Cost of accommodation in the Three Valleys France

Hotels in Courchevel

Hotels in Méribel

Hotels in Val Thorens:

If you want to explore other hotel options in the Les 3 Vallées, please use our link. When you book through this link, we may earn a small commission and you won’t pay extra for this. It’s a win-win, so thanks in advance! 🙂

Where we stayed: a 120€ Airbnb studio

We usually book middle range boutique hotels but had to compromise on this trip. Our last-minute decision to visit the Three Valleys during New Year’s Eve and the first week of January meant we couldn’t find reasonably priced hotel. As a result, we settled on a simple Airbnb for €120 per night, which was miraculously available for the whole week. Someone probably canceled in the eleventh hour, and we were lucky enough to find it.

The apartment was located in Moutiers, which is about 10 minutes away from Brides les Bains and 25 minutes away from Méribel by car. It’s a small but functional studio for 2 people and includes a kitchen. I’d recommend it if you’re on a tight budget. However, if you’re able to plan ahead and have a looser budget, I’d recommend staying at the resorts to avoid commuting every day.

Eating in the Three Valleys

Dining in the Three Valleys can be a costly affair, with prices reflecting the premium ski resort experience. A simple meal on the slopes will cost at least €25 and I recommend budgeting for €60 to €100 per meal as a couple, including drinks.

However, in the villages of Courchevel, Méribel and Val Thorens there are options catering to every budget. For example, in Courchevel 1850, you can enjoy delicious crepes for around €15, which is quite reasonable considering how fancy the destination is. In Méribel, a cheese fondue typically costs €25 per person, which is a very reasonable price for a satisfying meal in the Alps. If you’re looking for more high-end culinary experiences, be prepared to budget between €150 to €500 per meal.

How expensive is the Three Valleys France?
Is the Three Valleys France expensive?

Is it possible to reduce dining costs?

If you’re aiming to lower your dining costs in the Three Valleys, consider renting an apartment with a kitchen. Cooking some of your meals can save you a lot of money, especially if you bring lunch boxes or sandwiches to the slopes. While it may require some extra effort, it will definitely allow you to cut down your traveling costs!

Ski pass in the Three Valleys

The daily ski pass for the Three Valleys is 75€ per person. However, as in most ski resorts, the longer you ski, the cheaper the daily cost becomes. For a 6-day skiing pass, we paid 375€ per person. The 5 days ski pass was priced at 350€ and that includes the whole skiing area and network of lifts from 7 resorts.

Keep in mind that prices for skiing in only one resort in the Three Valleys are usually lower. For reference, skiing 6 days only in Méribel costs 270€ whereas in Courchevel it costs 272€. Check the updated prices on official websites: CourchevelMéribel and Val Thorens.

Ski equipment rental in the Three Valleys

Your skiing level will dictate the cost of equipment rental. For intermediate skiers, a complete set including skis, a helmet, poles, and boots came to €135 for 6 days. Advanced skiers looking for higher-end gear should expect to pay €170 for the same duration.

The cost of renting skiing equipment depends on your skiing level and preferences. For an intermediate package, including skis, a helmet, poles, and boots, we paid 135€ for 6 days. For an advanced skier the cost increases slightly to 170€ for 6 days. It’s advisable to book your equipment rental in advance to secure the best prices.

Cost of renting ski equipment cost in the Three Valleys France
How much does renting ski equipment cost in the Three Valleys France

Transportation to the Three Valleys

There are many ways to get to the Three Valleys. So, the budget will vary depending on where you are coming from and if you’d like or need to have a car with you during the trip. I explained in detail how to get to the Three Valleys on this complete travel guide, so make sure to check it. But when it comes to cost, this is what you should consider:

  • A ticket to the Eurostar train between London to Moutiers costs between 169 and 250£ each way. From Moutiers, it’s possible to catch a transfer to most of the resorts in the Three Valleys and the return 50€ per person.
  • A flight from London to Geneva typically costs 150€. From Geneva, it’s possible to rent a car and drive to the destination of your choice in the Three Valleys. Alternatively, you can catch a transfer for about 70€ per person return trip.

We flew to Milan and rented a 4×4 car with winter tires for €200 for 7 days. We had to cross the Mont-Blanc tunnel which cost 70€ return trip + about 60€ in tools. All in all, it was worth it, as the flights from Stockholm were significantly lower to Milan in comparison to Geneva. However, I’d recommend flying to Geneva, if possible, as it’s much closer to the Three Valleys than Milan!

We recommend booking a rental car through Discover Cars. We have used their services multiple times never had a problem. Plus, they always have the best rates!

Travel Insurance with ski coverage

We recommend you hire a travel insurance with ski coverage before hitting the slopes in the Three Valleys. I’m sure you understand that skiing is an extremely risky sport, so you want to be covered in case of a major accident or even minor injuries. With Heymondo travel insurance you won’t have to worry about paying the hospital bills and claiming the money back. They articulate payment with hospitals and clinics directly so you can focus on getting better.

Readers of the blog have 5% off when purchasing through this link Just make sure to hire an insurance with ski/snowsport coverage!

So, how much does a ski trip to the Three Valleys France cost?

The costs mentioned in this article are indicative and can vary based on your choices and circumstances. However, it’s still possible to estimate what a 6-days ski trip to the Three Valleys France cost. The summary below takes into consideration a mid-range trip, with stay at a charming boutique hotel and meals in nice – but not Michelin starred – restaurants.

  • Accommodation: 2580€ for 2, so 1290€ per person
  • Dining: 1500€ for 2, so 750€ per person
  • Ski Pass: 375€ per person for 6 days
  • Equipment Rental: 170€ per person for 6 days

That adds up 2585€, excluding transportation and travel insurance costs. Just add them once you’ve researched and voilá. That’s how much it’ll cost you to spend a fantastic week in the Three Valleys as a couple. Please keep in mind there’s definitely room to spend less if you stay at one of the cheaper resorts and cook at home.

I hope this travel guide was inspirational and useful to you. If so, make sure to check other posts we published about the Three Valleys and book your trip using the links below.

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