Lavender Festival in Apt, Provence
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Lavender Festival in Apt, Provence

Experiencing a Lavender Festival during our trip to Provence was a totally unexpected joy. Our stay in Apt accidentally coincided with the dates of its renowned lavender festival, which is supposed to be one of the best in Provence. So, as soon as we found out, we knew we had to adjust plans to participate in such a unique event. I am so glad we did, as it was such a great experience and gave us some of our most cherished memories from the whole trip!

In this post, I’ll share our experience, as well as some beautiful images captured in Apt. I hope you’ll feel inspired to plan a trip to Provence during summer to experience the lavender bloom and traditional festivities. If so, make sure to check our super comprehensive and fresh Provence Travel Guide containing all information and tips you need!

Lavender Festival in Apt Provence

The French have a tradition of celebrating their most popular French flower every summer. These celebrations are called ‘Fete de la Lavande’ and they take place in several villages in Provence. The one in Apt and in Sault are knows as the best ones. And this year we had the pleasure of joining the former.

At a first glance, it seemed like we were visiting a typical Provençal market. There were stalls set up throughout the village. But, as we began to explore the narrow streets of Apt, we realized most of these stalls were serving or selling products related to lavender. So nice!

Apt Lavender Festival
Apt Lavender Festival
Apt Lavender Festival
Apt Lavender Festival

There was lavender baguette, lavender ice cream, lavender macarons and so many other creative products with a lavender twist. We obviously had to try some of them. Even though the baguette was too exotic for our taste, the macaron tasted delicious!

Soon enough we came across a band playing medieval French folk music. Listening to the traditional melodies played by the band was definitely a highlight of our experience at the Lavender Festival. It definitely transported us to another era!

What to expect lavender festival Apt

The band moved around taking visitors on a tour of Apt. We were so fascinated by their music that we ended up following the group for at least an hour without even noticing what was going on. It’s hard to describe how magical the melodies were. However, if you are interested in hearing them, go check the videos on our highlights on Instagram.

Lavender Festival Apt Provence
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Eventually, we were led to a square right outside the historical center of Apt. There we found more stalls selling varied lavender products. And a real time demonstration of how lavender essential oil is produced. It was really cool to learn about the extraction process and to see the oil being produced in real time!

Lavender Festival Apt Provence
Lavender Festival Apt Provence

In this square we also came across the Commanderie de la Lavande, which is an official organization of lavender protectors. It was hard to fully understand the scope of their mandate and activities. But it was pretty cool to observe how proud they were to celebrate their beloved flower. Plus, how cool is their lavender outfits?

After taking in the exhibition, it was time to continue exploring the beautiful center of Apt. Nearly every restaurant and shop was open in celebration, and we chose the créperie ‘Le Chant de l’Heure’ forlunch. Their galettes were truly delicious, and the ambiance was unparalleled!

Participating in the Lavender Festival was definitely a once and lifetime experience. One we absolutely recommend having if you are planning to visit Provence during summer. Please check the schedule below and make sure to plan your itinerary accordingly.


Best lavender festivals in Provence

Apt, on the first or second Sunday in July

Valensole, on the third Sunday of July

Digne-les-Bains, on the first weekend in August

Sault, on the 15th of August

Please make sure to double check the festivities dates, as it may vary from year to year


I hope these tips were useful to you. If you’re planning a trip to Provence, make sure to check other exclusive travel guides about Provence by clicking here. And if you have a question or an additional tip to fellow travelers, please leave a comment below!

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