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20 best things to do in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the prettiest and most diverse islands in Greece. It not only boasts amazing beaches but also caves, mountains, and vineyards. Along with charming villages, friendly people, and delicious local cuisine. It’s, as we say, a total package. There’s plenty to see and do, which can be overwhelming. Especially if have just a few days to explore the island. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I’ll show you the best things to do in Kefalonia. To simplify your planning, I’ve crafted interactive maps conveniently segmented by regions. But before you scroll any further, I’d like to invite you to check our comprehensive Kefalonia Travel Guide. Now, let’s uncover what Kefalonia has to offer, starting from the North part of the island!

Best things to do Kefalonia

North of Kefalonia

The north of Kefalonia is, in my opinion, the best region of the island. There lies Fiskardo and Assos, two gorgeous Greek villages. Alongside some amazing beaches, restaurants, and hotels. To make the most of what the northern coast of Kefalonia has to offer, I recommend staying at least 3 full days there. I can assure you won’t regret it.

We stayed in Fiskardo for 3 nights and very much enjoyed our B&B of choice, the Agnantia Bed & Breakfast. There are other great accommodations options in the village, such as the Emelisse Nature Resort. Or other great cost-effective B&Bs in between Fiskardo and Assos, so make sure to explore the options available before booking.

In the below map you will find the places of interest on the north coast of Kefalonia. Please keep in mind that blue pins refer to beaches, purple pins to villages, red pins to view-points, and orange pins to the best restaurants in the region.

1) Fiskardo

Fiskardo is a charming village located in the far north of Kefalonia. It’s the place where ferryboats from Lefkada arrive and a great base to explore the northern coast of the island. We absolutely loved the calm and elegant vibe of Fiskardo, as well as the beaches surrounding the village. I’ll talk about them soon, but first I’d like to show you how charming and gorgeous Fiskardo is!

Fiskardo Kefalonia
Best things to do in Fiskardo
Fiskardo Kefalonia
Sunset in Fiskardo
Best restaurants in Fiskardo Kefalonia

Fiskardo used to be a modest fisherman village, but nowadays it’s a vibrant and elegant place driven by high-end tourism. On the harbor, you’re more likely to see yachts than fishing boats. And on the waterfront, you’ll see expensive items displayed in posh and trendy stores.

But don’t be fooled – despite the relative change of public (and increase in price tags), this village still preserves the laidback atmosphere and simplicity that have been attracting visitors for decades. And some of the most pristine beaches on the whole island!

We both really loved the vibe of Fiskardo, especially in the evenings. The marvelous sunset colors and cooler temperatures were perfect for outdoor meals. We had great moments sitting at the waterfront tables, enjoying delicious meals paired with local wines. One of our favorites moments in Firskardo was a dinner at Irida Cafe Bar. The food was lovely and the atmosphere super authentic.

Evening in Fiskardo Kefalonia
Where to eat in Fiskardo Kefalonia
Best things to do in Kefalonia
Sun setting in Fiskardo

After our meal at Irida Cafe, the chef/owner came by our table to make sure we enjoyed the food, which we assertively confirmed. We were so impressed by the human touch and the delicious food of this place. That’s the kind of stuff Greek travel dreams are made of!

I’d definitely recommend staying at least a couple of nights in Fiskardo during your stay in Kefalonia. But even if you chose not to, please make sure to visit this village at least once. If possible, visit it during the evening for an unforgettable and romantic experience!

2) Foki Beach

Unlike most beaches in Kefalonia, Foki Beach doesn’t boast crystal clear waters or is surrounded by majestic cliffs. It’s a discrete small pebbled beach featuring landscapes covered by cypresses and other trees and calm waters to swim in.

Beaches Fiskardo Kefalonia
Beaches in Fiskardo

It’s located by the road, not so far away from the center of Fiskardo. And despite being small, it’s no less fascinating than the mainstream beaches in Kefalonia. We both bring great memories from this place and couldn’t recommend it enough!

Although there is no structure at the beach, you’ll find refreshments and snacks on the small restaurant across the road, close to the parking lot. Make sure to bring a beach towel and to stop at the road view-point to enjoy the views of the beach!

3) Emblissi Beach

Emblissi Beach is a calm and gorgeous cove located right beneath the Emelisse Nature Resort. It’s close to a parking lot and a perfect beach to spend some relaxed hours. There, you’ll find no more than a food truck selling some snacks and refreshments. So, make sure to bring your own beach tent or sun umbrella to protect you from the sun during the day and enjoy!

4) Kimilia Beach

Kimilia Beach is actually not a beach, but a series of three connected coves boasting crystal clear and calm waters. To get there you will need to hike for about 10 minutes from the free parking lot. It’ll be downhill on the way there and uphill on the way back, so remember to save some energy for the return.

Beaches near Fiskardo Kefalonia

Once you reach the first cove you can follow the trail that will lead you to the other two beaches. I recommend checking them all before settling down at your favorite cove. There isn’t any structure on this beach, so make sure to bring your own beach tent or sun umbrella to protect you from the sun. Also snacks and drinks for the day!

5) Dafnoudi Beach

Dafnoudi is a gorgeous and calm cove featuring crystal clear blue waters. To get there you will need to hike for about 15 minutes from the parking lot. And once you reach your destination you’ll be rewarded with a tranquil and picture-perfect cove to enjoy!

There’s a beautiful grotto on the beach, but you won’t find any structure there. Thus, make sure to bring your own beach tent or sun umbrella to protect you from the sun. Also snacks and drinks for the day!

6) Assos

Assos is an iconic village perched on the water and featuring some of the most idyllic scenarios on the whole island. It’s also a historical site where you can visit the ruins of a Venetian Castle. And a place to get lost exploring the narrow alleys, pebbled beaches, colorful buildings, and squares covered with flowering foliage’s!

Best villages in Kefalonia
Assos Kefalonia
Charming villages in Kefalonia
Best villages to visit Kefalonia
Beaches in Assos Kefalonia
Charming villages in Kefalonia

Walking around this village and appreciating its details feels like a dream. Take your time to absorb the beauty and authenticity of this place, as well as to enjoy the calm beaches and local tavernas. An hour before sunset time start your journey uphill towards the castle, which should take no longer than 30 minutes walking on a lush path. From the castle enjoy the views over the village and surrounding beaches!

Due to the proximity, it’s a good idea to combine a visit to Mytos Beach and Assos in one day!

7) Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is not only regarded as the most beautiful in Kefalonia but also in the whole of Greece. Its extremely blue waters, majestic surrounding limestone cliffs, and impressive length have awarded Myrtos many titles. And placed Kefalonia on the list of best islands in the world!

Myrtos beach Kefalonia
Beaches in Kefalonia
Best beaches Kefalonia Greece

We have been to a fair amount of paradisiacal islands across the world, from the Maldives to Panama. And still, we had never seen a beach like Myrtos! It’s hard to describe it in words, but I think the pictures below will give you a good idea of how gorgeous this beach actually is.

We spent some quality time at Myrtos Beach, oscillating between reading a book in our beach tent and taking strategic cooling dips in the blue sea. We also checked the gorgeous grotto on the lefthand side of the beach and enjoyed a picnic with the snacks we brought!

Beaches north of Kefalonia Greece
Best things to do Kefalonia

Speaking of which, I should let you know that you won’t find any sort of structure at Myrtos Beach. Thus, make sure to bring your own beach tent or sun umbrella to protect you from the sun, as well as snacks and drinks for the day!

I recommend getting there by car or scooter as there is a parking lot right by the beach. On the way to the beach, make sure to stop at the viewpoints to enjoy some jaw-dropping views over the beach and its surrounding. It’s absolutely marvelous!

8 & 9) Fteri and Amidi beaches

The most beautiful beaches we’ve visited in Greece lie on the northwestern coast of Kefalonia, specifically atop the Lixouri peninsula. They are Fteri and Amidi Beaches, two amazing unspoiled coves boasting the most gorgeous crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings!

These beaches can only be accessed by boat and you’l basically have two options to get there:

  • Rent a self-skippered, which will cost you around 80 euros + fuel for 4 hours. You can get one these boats in Zola or Assos and explore the beaches on your own!
  • Take a water taxi, which will cost you 25 euros to visit both beaches or 15 euros to visit only Fteri
Water taxi to Fteri Beach

We didn’t want to have time constraints, so we decided to take a water taxi to the beaches and thought it was a great choice. The service is very convenient and allows you to hop on the next boat available and call for pick-up when you want to move between beaches or go back to Zola. It’s as good as it gets.

We chose the company with an orange booth located at the end of the waterfront of Zola. But Fteri Water Taxi also seemed trustworthy and had the same rates, so it’s up to you to decide when you get there. We decided to head to Amidi first, as we’d heard from locals that this was their favorite beach in the region. On the way there the skipper took a couple of quick detours to show us the Blue Lagoon and Kamari Beach. And wow, what beautiful beaches they were, moreover Kmari!

How to get to Fteri Beach
Best beaches north of Kefalonia

We really wanted to stay in Kmari there but were informed that passengers are not allowed to disembark at this beach due to the risk of falling rocks and falling goats. Nope, you did not read it wrong, I really meant said falling goats!

The goats living in this region are able to walk and stand at extreme angles, so it’s normal that they explore the high cliffs surrounding beaches. And unfortunately, for us and for them, they fall out off these cliffs sometimes reaching the beach with maximum impact, which makes it dangerous to stay there. So, a bit frustrated but conformed with the unusual situation, we agreed to head to Amidi. And got completely astonished by it as soon as we arrived. Wow, what a gorgeous, secluded, idyllic beach!

Amidi Beach Kefalonia
Amidi Beach in Kefalonia
How to get to Amidi Beach in Kefalonia
Best beaches in Kefalonia
Amidi Beach from above

We spent some quality time at Amidi enjoying its dreamy landscapes, reading, playing board games, and swimming in the crystal clear waters. These were some of the best travel memories we’ve made and I’m sure I will cherish this day forever!

Once ready, we called the water taxi and in less than 15 minutes they picked us up and took us to Fteri Beach. We thought we couldn’t be surprised after having seen Amidi, but let me tell you, Fteri was equally impressive and gorgeous!

Fteri Beach Kefalonia
How to get to Fteri Beach Kefalonia
Fteri Beach how to get to
Most beautiful beaches Kefalonia

We set up our beach tent and went for a long swim to the nearby coves. These coves can only be accessed by private boat or swim from Fteri and are absolutely gorgeous. I definitely recommend asking someone to watch your belonging at Fteri beach and spending some time swimming around and enjoying these beautiful coves!

Best things to do Kefalonia
Coves around Fteri beach

This was definitely our favorite day in Greece and I couldn’t recommend more this excursion to Fteri and Amidi Beaches. It’s worth every single penny!

Make sure to bring your own beach tent or sun umbrella to protect you from the sun, as well as sunscreen, snacks, and drinks for the day. In Zola, where the taxi boat departs from, you can shop for some quick meals such as salads and fruit salads to bring along!

10) Vouti Beach

Vouti Beach is not so far away from Zola and can be accessed by car. It’s a gorgeous beach featuring unbelievably crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes. It can be visited on its own or combined with Fteri and Amidi beaches on the same day. There’s a taverna at Vouti Beach where you can get some drinks and quick meals. But if you want to enjoy the beach you’ll need to bring a beach tent or sun umbrella to protect you from the sun.

Before heading to the west coast of Kefalonia, I’d like to recommend some other beaches on the north of the island. They are Alaties, Jerusalem. Giagana, Chorgota and Agia Sofia beaches. And are worth visiting if you have more days in Kefalonia!

West coast of Kefalonia

The west coast of Kefalonia is absolutely gorgeous and filled with amazing landscapes, beaches, and vineyards. It’s a perfect area to indulge in meals with sunset views and days at jaw-dropping beaches. I recommend staying for 3-4 days, but if you are short on time, you can explore the best of the western coast in 2 days. We stayed at the Forestata Village, which had amazing views, but very old rooms. It’s an ok place, but I wouldn’t recommend it as there are better options in the area to chose from. Petani Bay Hotel or the newly built Petani Resort are examples of that!

Here’s an interactive map of the best places in the western region. Please keep in mind that blue pins refer to beaches, purple pins to villages, red pins to view-points, and orange pins to the best restaurants in the region.

11) Petani Beach

Petani Beach is one of the greatest beaches I’ve set foot on. It left me speechless from the first sigh I got of it, at the viewpoint on the way down to the beach. I truly couldn’t believe my eyes and spent several minutes soaking up the views, making sense of such beauty. It was love at first sight!

Best beaches to visit in Kefalonia
Best things to do Kefalonia Greece

The majestic cliffs surrounding the beach and the unique shades of blue make this beach one of the most beautiful places in Kefalonia. If not in the whole of Greece. And a place we couldn’t help but return twice to enjoy at different moments of the day!

And what’s best of all? Petani Beach is not only a gorgeous beach but also a convenient one. It’s easily accessible by car and boasts an impressive structure including a parking lot, restaurants, freshwater shower, and beach beds to rent. Which makes it a suitable beach for all kinds of travelers, including families with small kids.

If you are traveling in family, you may opt for renting a sunbed and umbrellas close to the restaurants. But if you prefer privacy and quietness, you can walk a bit and find a calm spot to set up your tent or sun umbrella. There are many ways to enjoy this beach and all of them are equally remarkable!

Beaches on the west coast of Kefalonia
Petani Beach in Kefalonia

We opted to set up camp on the left side of the beach and spent delightful moments bathing, reading, and listening to good music. We also swam to the near coves and had these slices of paradise all to ourselves for some moments. I couldn’t recommend more exploring these nearby coves, even if your stuff gets unattended at the beach. Just make sure to leave the most valuable belongings in your car and you’ll be good to spend some time swimming in the bluest water and exploring the surroundings.

Best beaches in Kefalonia
How to get to Petani Beach Kefalonia

Try to get there early to find a good parking spot and make sure to bring a beach tent or sun umbrella if you want to enjoy the least crowded part of the beach. For lunch, we tried the Ksouras Tavern, right by the beach. Even though we enjoyed their drinks more than the meals served, I’d still recommend it. The prices are fair, portions well-sized, and the views unmatched!

All of the best points of interest in Kefalonia are tagged on our personalized map. Get yours and have all pins listed on our guides + some secret ones seamlessly integrated to your Google Maps.

12) Platia Ammos viewpoint

Platia Ammos is a beach to enjoy from above unless you are willing to rent a boat to visit it on your own. That’s because the structure that allowed access to the beach was destroyed during the earthquake of 2015 and hasn’t been rebuilt yet. And the only way down available at the moment is a steep rocky and sandy downhill path. Which is only suitable for experienced hikers and climbers and even so not really recommended!

If you want to enjoy this beach from above you can visit the viewpoint. The view is absolutely stunning and totally worth the bumpy ride to get there. Especially because of the amazing sceneries along the way. However, if you want to bathe in its crystal clear waters, you will need to hire a private boat excursion. Consult your hotel for prices and conditions!

13) Xi Beach

Xi Beach is a popular beach in Kefalonia. Known for its calm waters, beach clubs, and red sands, it’s attended by young travelers and families and tends to get busy during the summer months. Therefore, it was a beach we didn’t prioritize, but I’d recommend checking for yourselves before deciding!

14) Argostoli

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and the most developed and populated towns on the island. It’s where the international airport Kefalonia-Ana Pollatou is located. Therefore it’s rightly considered the island’s gateway. I honestly don’t think this was the most charming or exciting area of Kefalonia, so I wouldn’t recommend spending much time there. However, I’d definitely suggest a quick visit to the check Makris Gialos and the town’s harbor where you can spot turtles.

If you’re interested in history you can visit the Archaeological Museum and the Historical and Folklore Museum. And if you’re up for a pleasant stroll, you can check the Botanical Gardens and the town’s main square. In the city center, you’ll find many great restaurants and a charming waterfront area. If you’re a wine lover like us, I definitely recommend joining a wine-tasting session.

What to do in Argostoli Kefalonia
Wine tasting in Argostoli

We visited Gentilini Winery & Vineyards and really liked it. The tasting with 7 different types of local wine cost 15€ and the tasting with 5 wines cost 10€. They both come with complimentary local bread, olives, and tomatoes and are served in a very charming outdoor area!

If you have some more time in Argostoli, you can also visit the Castle of Georgios Agios which is 5km away from Argostoli. It was originally built by the Byzantines and posteriorly used by the Venetians. For centuries it was even considered the capital of Kefalonia, so it’s worth a visit if you’re interested in history!

It’s also worth checking the De Bosset Bridge and the four-sided obelisk which are landmarks in Argostoli.

15) Local wine tastings

The west side of Kefalonia boasts several vineyards producing Robola, the traditional local wine. And as wine lovers, we intended to visit at least 3 different vineyards on this trip. However, we didn’t know reservations were required in advance, so we ended up visiting only 1 vineyard.

Vineyards in Kefalonia
Wine tasting in Kefalonia
Best things to do in Kefalonia

Our vineyard of choice was Gentilini Winery & Vineyards. We absolutely loved visiting the property and trying their wines! If you are a wine lover like ourselves, we would recommend checking them out. Also booking in advance, especially for the vineyards we didn’t make to Haritatos Estate, Sclavos Wines, and Foivos S.A.

East coast of Kefalonia

The East Coast of Kefalonia might not have the same majestic beaches of the north. But, it boasts one of the most impressive attractions of the island: the Melissani Cave. Along with nice beaches and interesting sites.

It also features one of the most important ports on the island, the so-called Sami Port. Where ferryboats to Ithaca, Lefkada, Zakynthos, and mainland Greece arrive and depart from. So, if you are planning an island-hopping trip around the Ionian Islands, chances are that you will need to catch a ferry from the port of Sami at some point. And so, you could plan to visit the village and its surrounding attractions in 1 or 2 full days.

To help you identify the best attractions in the region, I crafted the interactive map below featuring the best things to do on the East Coast of Kefalonia. Please keep in mind that blue pins refer to beaches, purple pins to villages, red pins to view-points, and orange pins to the best restaurants in the region.

16) Sami

Sami is the biggest village in eastern Kefalonia and represents the island’s main port town. We spent a day in Sami, before making our way to Ithaca, and enjoyed its charming waterfront restaurants and nearby attractions.

During this day we visited Melissani Cave and Antisamos Beach. And took a delightful stroll around the waterfront area and enjoyed a great meal at the Familia restaurant. As well as drinks at the charming Afrala Cocktail club. We didn’t have time to visit the Acropolis of Sami. But that’s one of the most recommended attractions in the area. Make sure to check it out if time allows.

Best villages Kefalonia
Sami village Kefalonia
Best restaurants Sami Kefalonia
Sunset in Sami Kefalonia

Some choose to use Sami as a home base for a day trip to Ithaca, which is something I discourage. Unless you are under time constraints and can’t explore Ithaca on its own. Otherwise, my recommendation is to spend at least 3 days in Ithaca to explore it well!

But if you do decide to visit Ithaca on a day trip from Sami, keep in mind that that:

  • The ferry ride between Sami and Pisatos take less than 30 minutes
  • Costs around 25€ for 2 people + car each way
  • Has multiple departing times which you can check here

17) Melissani Cave

Not far from Sami villages lies one of the most popular sites in the Ionian Islands: the Melissani Cave. A must-see attraction that took us by surprise and blew us away with its amazing landscapes and jaw-dropping blue waters. In the early centuries, this cave had a solid top layer that prevented the sunlight from getting in. But that changed when the cave’s top layer collapsed, transforming the place into an out-of-this-world sight.

What to do in East Kefalonia
Best things to do in Kefalonia
Melissani Cave Kefalonia

As the sun rays pour through the cave, the waters take on an intense turquoise-blue tone. And the blue light propagates through the cave, creating an ethereal blue-lit feeling all-around. It feels like the boats are literally flying over the water and taking visitors on a magical ride.

Speaking of the boat ride, it takes 15 minutes and includes the exploration of the lake and the proper cave part. It’s a quick, but very interesting ride. The lake is 39 meters deep and the water so clear that you can see the bottom of it. If you are lucky enough you may even spot huge eels swimming around, like we did!

Attractions in Kefalonia Greece
Melissani Cave travel tips

It’s not possible to swim in the lake due to the protected status of this geological formation. And currently, it’s not possible to check the cave from the above viewpoint or even to fly drones over the lake. Past visitors have abused this privilege, and now all of us have to deal with the prohibitions put in place.

The cave usually opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. But to be on the safe side, I recommend checking the official website for the most updated information. Since the sunlight is stronger between 12 and 2 pm, this is the most recommended time to visit the cave. And naturally, the busiest time as well. So if you would like to avoid the crowds make sure to arrive earlier or later. The ticket costs 7€ and includes the boat ride and parking, and may be paid with cash or credit cards.

18) Drogarati Cave

Not so far from Melissani lies Drogarati Cave, a geological site discovered 300 years ago after an earthquake. This cave is 95 meters deep and boasts a wide collection of Stalactites and Stalagmites. And is considered by many, one of the best attractions in Kefalonia. The entrance to the cave costs 6€ and you can visit it from 9 am to 7 pm. There’s free parking at the site.

19) Antisamos Beach

Antisamos is a popular pebbled beach near Sami featuring clear and calm waters near. It’s a place where you will find some beach clubs renting sets of sun umbrellas + sunbeds for 10€ a day. And a beach club serving meals and drinks during the day!

Best beaches in Kefalonia
What to do in Kefalonia Greece

We decided to stay away from the most crowded area near the beach clubs. So we walked for a few minutes to find a perfect spot to open our beach tent and relax. Despite being at a busy beach, we actually had a relaxed time enjoying the cool wind and bathing in the calm bay. You can easily get to Antisamos by car from Sami and there are plenty of parking spots to use. Still, I would recommend getting there early, as this is one of the most popular places on the east coast!

South of Kefalonia

The South and central parts of Kefalonia are the least visited on the island. It lacks the magnificent beaches and charming villages of the north and west, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own attractions. In fact, great sites like Mount Ainos, and Koroni, and Skala Beaches are located in the south-central region. As well as the awarded Villa Robola winery!

We drove through Mount Ainos on the way to Sami from Argostoli, and really enjoyed the views and landscapes. But unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to explore the region further. Nevertheless, I created an interactive map with the most recommended places to visit in this region. As usual, please keep in mind that blue pins refer to beaches, purple pins to villages, red pins to viewpoints, and orange pins to the best restaurants in the region.

I would love to hear about your experiences in Kefalonia, as well as your favorite places on the island. When you’re back from the island, please feel free to come back to this post drop suggestions on how to complement this guide. Let’s make this a collaborative guide and share personal tips with other fellow travelers 🙂

Best beaches in Kefalonia

Best beaches in Kefalonia Greece

As you’ve seen, Kefalonia has a plethora of amazing beaches. Some are smaller and cozy and others are magnificent and jaw-dropping. They are all stunning, but my personal favorites are:


Top 9 beaches in Kefalonia

Amidi Beach

Fteri Beach

Petani Beach

Myrthos Beach

Assos Beach

Dafnoudi Beach

Foki Beach

Antisamos Beach

Kimilia Beach


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