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Kefalonia, Greece: Travel Guide and itinerary

Kefalonia is our favorite Greek island. It’s the biggest and most diverse island in Ionian Archipelago. A place where you can enjoy different activities, from swimming on gorgeous beaches to visiting caves and charming villages. Not to mention hiking the mountains and joining a local wine-tasting. The options are plenty, and if you’re planning for a holiday in this magical islands, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find the most comprehensive travel guide to Kefalonia. Filled with curated travel tips and itinerary suggestions. If you’re curious about the best things to do in Kefalonia please head to this inspirational post before scrolling down. Use the index below to navigate through this guide and let me introduce you to Kefalonia!

Kefalonia travel guide

Where is Kefalonia in Greece

Kefalonia is located on the west coast of Greece and represents one of the 7 main Ionian Islands. It’s tucked between mainland Greece and Italy and often regarded as one of the most beautiful island in the country. If not in the whole world. Kefalonia is famous for with turquoise waters. Also for their local wine varieties Robola, Mavrodafni, and Kefalonian Moschato.

The coastline is characterized by dramatic landscapes and jaw-dropping beaches. The center of the island is comprised of small villages and a mountain chain featuring Mount Ainos with an impressive elevation of 1628 meters. And the east coast is known for its caves, hot springs, and smaller beaches.

This variety of landscapes and attractions is what makes Kefalonia such an eclectic and unique island. As each region is different, it’s hard to pick a single best area of Kefalonia. So, my recommendation is that you take the time to explore the whole island and its wonderful landscapes. But, if you’re in a rush, I’d recommend focusing on the north and west coasts of the island, which are the most beautiful!

As of now, most travelers overlook Kefalonia, as well as the other beautiful Ionian Islands, and head straight to Zakynthos. Still largely untouched by social media trends Kefalonia remains a secret haven. That’s how it has managed to preserved its authentic charm. Remaining as one of the last hidden gems not just in Greece, but in all of Europe.

Kefalonia has been gaining traction on social media and we believe it will become the next “it island” in Greece soon. Visit this island as soon as possible, before it becomes a target to mass tourism.

Best time to visit Kefalonia

Unlike most Greek Islands, the weather in Kefalonia varies quite drastically between seasons. Falls and winters can be surprisingly cold and even snowy some years. So, if your goal is to enjoy the beaches and sunny weather, you will need to visit Kefalonia during spring and summer, when the temperatures are warmer and inviting for swimming!

The end of spring (May to June) and late summer (September to early October) are particularly great periods to trave to Kefalonia. The crowds are fewer and the rates lower compared to the ones during peak summer. In May and early October, rainfall tends to be a bit higher, but definitely not a problem. However, the temperatures in these months may be too cold for a swim.

Best time to visit Kefalonia Greece
When to travel to Kefalonia Greece

Between June and August, it’s possible to enjoy the best of Greek summer with very long and warm days. And so, these are the most popular months to travel to Kefalonia. And a period in which you can expect heftier costs and more crowded beaches. Especially in August, when most European families go on vacation and flee to the Greek islands.

If you plan to visit Kefalonia during summer months, book your accommodation as soon as possible. That’s the best way to guarantee availability and good deals!

How long to stay in Kefalonia

If you want to explore Kefalonia well, you will need 7 to 10 days in the island. This will give you enough time to visit highlights and wander through the diverse regions of the island. If you’re short on time, I’d say 5 to 7 days should do the trick. You’ll be able to visit some of the most popular sites and get a sense of the island. It’ll certainly inspire you to come back!

How many days you need in Kefalonia
How many days to stay in Kefalonia

Having more than a week to explore the island is ideal. But if you have less days and need to prioritize, I’d recommend focusing on the north and west coast of Kefalonia. You can spend 4-5 days there checking the most astonishing beaches and villages on the island. Check this in-depth guide of the best attractions and beaches in Kefalonia. Now let’s talk about how to better plan your days on the island!

What to do in Kefalonia in 3, 5 and 7 days

Kefalonia’s got it all – from mountains to caves, jaw-dropping beaches and even vineyards. It’s an island you can easily spend a month exploring and still find new landscapes and secluded beaches. But let’s be honest, very few of us can afford the luxury of exploring Kefalonia for that long, right? So, I have crafted itinerary suggestions for 3, 5, and 7 days. Hope they will be useful to you!

What to do in Kefalonia in 7 days
What to do in Kefalonia in 5 days

I’ve talked about each one of the attractions featured below on this post. I would recommend reading this inspirational piece before continuing scrolling here!

Kefalonia in 3 days

If you have only 3 days in Kefalonia, I would suggest picking Assos as your home base. From there, you can explore the best nearby attractions, such as:

  • Day 1: Melissani Cave, Fiskardo and nearby beaches such as Emblisi, Kimila, Dafnoudi e Foki
  • Day 2: Myrtos Beach and Assos
  • Day 3: Fteri, Amidi and Vouti Beaches
3 days in Kefalonia what to do
What to do in Kefalonia 3 days

Kefalonia in 5 days

With 5 days in Kefalonia, you’ll be able to visit the island’s best attractions and go beyond the obvious. That’s how you can best plan your days:

  • Day 1: Fiskardo and nearby beaches such as Emblisi, Kimila, Dafnoudi e Foki
  • Day 2: Myrtos Beach and Assos
  • Day 3: Petani Beach, Platia Ammos viewpoint, Xi Beach or late afternoon winetasting
  • Day 4: Fteri, Amidi and Vouti Beaches
  • Day 5: Melissani Cave, Drogarati Cave, Antisamos Beach and Sami

To make the most of your time on the island, I recommend staying in Fiskardo or Assos for the first 2 nights. After that, you can book a stay in the Lixouri peninsula for the upcoming 2 nights. Add 1 night in Sami on your last day on the island.

Itinerary Kefalonia 5 days
Kefalonia Greece 5 days

Kefalonia in 7 days

With 7 full days in Kefalonia, you’ll be able to explore the northern, western, and eastern coasts. And enjoy their best beaches, attractions, and villages!

That’s how you can best plan your days on the island:

  • Day 1: Fiskardo and nearby beaches such as Emblisi, Kimila, Dafnoudi e Foki
  • Day 2: Myrtos Beach and Assos (if you have the time, add a beach in Fiskardo)
  • Day 3: Fteri, Amidi and Vouti Beaches
  • Day 4: Petani Beach, Platia Ammos viewpoint, Xi Beach or late afternoon winetasting
  • Day 5: Argostoli, wine-tasting at Gentilini Winery, Mount Ainos and evening in Sami
  • Day 6: Melissani Cave, Drogarati Cave, Antisamos Beach and Sami
  • Day 7: Day trip to Ithaca. If you’re heading to Ithaca anyways, add a day on the north or west of Kefalonia. Or, just plan for 6 days in Kefalonia and move on with your Ionian Island itinerary!

I recommend staying in Fiskardo or Assos for the first 2 to 3 nights. After that, book a stay in the Lixouri peninsula for the upcoming 2 nights. Add 1 night in Sami for the last day on the island.

What to do in Kefalonia 7 days
What to do Kefalonia in a week

Where to stay in Kefalonia

I got positively surprised by the incredibly charming and affordable accommodation options in Kefalonia. The island is one of those places you can splurge on a great hotel without it costing an arm and a leg. There is no shortage of amazing accommodation options in Kefalonia, but here’s the list with the best options:

Where to stay in Kefalonia
View of our charming B&B in Fiskardo

Our absolute favorite stay in Kefalonia was Agnantia Bed & Breakfast. This charming accommodation in Fiskardo boasts a great location and spacious rooms. As well as amazing ocean views and top service for less than 100€ a night. I must admit we’ve stayed in quite a few 5-star hotels around the world. Yet, in very few of them we’ve seen the quality of service shown by this simple B&B in Kefalonia.

Please note we paid for our stay and never communicated with the management team. This is a completely honest review and it’s so refreshing to find hidden gems around the world to share them with you. If you prefer to look for other options besides the ones above, you can check with Booking.com. When book through our links, we may earn a small commission. You don’t pay extra for this, so it’s a win-win! 🙂

Best hotels in Kefalonia
Best areas to stay in Kefalonia

When it comes to the areas, I’d recommend avoiding the most touristy villages, such as Skala, Argostoli, and Lassi. Instead, book your stay at a charming and calm village on the island and explore its best attractions on your own. Fiskardo, Assos, Lixouri, Petani, and Sami are great options!

Where to eat in Kefalonia

The allure of Greece isn’t just its azure waters or golden sunsets. It’s also the mouthwatering aroma of its kitchens and the contented sigh after a satisfying meal. The local cuisine, with its fresh and vibrant ingredients, is a delightful aspect of any trip to Greece. And a perfect pairing for summer days under the Mediterranean sun.

Throughout our journey across the Ionian Islands, we indulged in the delicious and fresh meals served by local restaurants, paired with fantastic (and cheap!). It’s no exaggeration to say that the traditional gastronomy of Greece had us utterly enchanted. And it’s one of reasons why we keep coming back. We’ve been to Greece 3 times now and counting!

Best restaurants in Kefalonia
Where to eat in Kefalonia Greece

We ate very well in Kefalonia and enjoyed the taverna experience quite a lot. From this trip, we bring memories of evenings spent at tavernas overlooking the ocean and the most beautiful sunsets. While enjoying great local wines and great food. We really want you to have the best possible gastronomical experiences. So, I curated a list of the best restaurants in Kefalonia.

Northern Kefalonia

  • Irida Cafe Bar restaurant for great gluten-free Moussaka
  • Le Passage for affordable and delicious meals in Fiskardo
  • Odysseas Taverna
  • Nicolas’ Taverna
  • Elli’s
  • Roulas Grill
  • Tassias
  • Emelisse Hotel open to non-guests
  • Alati All day bar for the best sunset of all times!

Western Kefalonia

  • Ladokolla Stin Plagia for reasonably priced meals and great sunset views. We liked it so much we returned twice!
  • Taverna Ksouras for the best views of Petani and great drinks. The menu is reasonably priced and the restaunt has a great sunset view!
  • Taverna Faros
  • Captain Nicolas

Eastern Kefalonia

  • Il Familia was the best restaurant we visited in Sami. Great food, fantastic wine and great atmosphere!
  • Deco Art Cuisine for great ambience and sunset views. The food was great but the experience was a bit uncomfortable. They pushed too much the catch of the day even when we said we were not interested
  • Afrala for great drinks and night-life attractions
  • Kallithea
  • To Pyrgi
  • Faros Taverna

Our favorite restaurants in Kefalonia

The Irida Cafe Bar restaurant was one of our favorite restaurants in Kefalonia. They serve gluten-free Moussaka, which is very hard thing to find. As well as various other delicious dishes. The shrimp risotto was delicious and the atmosphere was on-point. Picture candlelight, tables by the sea, and fantastic service. The lady who runs the kitchen even came to our table to check if we’d enjoyed the meal. Which we definitely confirmed, so sweet of her!

Best restaurants Fiskardo Kefalonia
Where to eat Fiskardo Kefalonia

Another favorite restaurant in Kefalonia was Ladokolla Stin Plagia, located on the west coast of the island. The menu has reasonably priced and delicious dishes. And the house wine is sold on the liter for less than 10€. The outdoor seating space boasts an authentic taverna vibe and offers the most beautiful sunset views in Kefalonia. We liked it so much we returned twice and had a fantastic experience each time we were there. I would definitely recommend visiting for dinner to enjoy the fantastic views!

Best restaurants Kefalonia Greece
Hand-written menus. Does it get more authentic?
What to eat in Kefalonia
Restaurants with sunset Kefalonia

Lastly, one my favorite restaurant not only in Kefalonia but also in the whole of Greece was Alati All Day bar. Not so much for the food, but for the experience of watching the sun setting right into the ocean. Followed by the opportunity to watch the skies lit with the most beautiful orange and purple post-sunset colors. While enjoying the most relaxed and delightful atmosphere of their outdoor seating area. This was an evening for the books, and I definitely recommend checking this place for yourselves during your stay in Kefalonia.

Sunset restaurants in Kefalonia
Where to watch sunset Kefalonia
Great restaurants in Kefalonia Greece

All of these restaurants, as well as points of interest in Kefalonia are tagged on our personalized map. Get yours and have all pins listed on our guides + some secret ones seamlessly integrated to your Google Maps.

How to get around Kefalonia

If you want to go beyond the resort experience and explore Kefalonia well, you’ll need a car, ATV, or motorcycle. Cars are, in my opinion, the best way to explore the island. Renting a car to explore the Kefalonia will not only allow you to explore villages and get to the best beaches on the island. it will also provide you a safe refugee from the extreme sun and heat typical of summer months – which is something an ATV or motorcycle can’t provide.

Another fantastic alternative to explore Kefalonia’s best beaches is with a self-skippered boat. You can rent these small boats even if you don’t have navigating experience or license. And it will cost you around 100 euros per day + the fuel you consume. We did not rent a boat in Kefalonia but we’ve done this in many islands including Ithaca, and absolutely love the experience of exploring the pristine coves by ourselves. Maybe something to consider?

How to get to Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the most well-connected islands in Greece. It’s possible to get there by plane coming from Athens or other European capitals, especially in the UK. Alternatively, you can get to Kefalonia by car + ferry boat ride from Athenas or Thessaloniki. Or even by ferryboat coming from others Ionian islands. Let’s talk about each of these options in detail below:

How to get to Kefalonia
Best ways to get to Kefalonia

How to get to Kefalonia by plane

Kefalonia’s airport is called Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou. It’s located in the island’s capital, Argostoli and gets daily Aegean AirlinesOlympic Airlines e Sky Express flights coming from Athens or other destinations in Europe.

For the Athens-Kefalonia flight, expect to pay around 80€ for the seat and an extra fee of 30€ per checked-in bag. This is a very popular route during summer, so make sure to book in advance. There are also direct flights to Kefalonia departing from London or Venice during the summer months. You can check prices and schedules using Skyscanner before taking a decision.

You’ll need a vehicle to leave the airport of Kefalonia, so make sure to book in advance. As previously stated, I consider cars as the best options to explore Kefalonia comfortably. But you can also rent a scooter or ATV for your days on the island!

How to get to Kefalonia from Athens

How to get to Kefalonia from mainland Greece

From Athens or other places in mainland Greece, such as Thessaloniki, you can drive (or take a bus) to the ports of Patras, Kylline, or Astakos. From the ports, you can hop on a ferry-boat to Kefalonia that will take you to Kefalonia. The most common routes are:


From Athens to

Patra – Kefalonia: You’ll need to drive for about 2 hours to the Port of Patras and from there hop on a ferry boat to Kefalonia. The trip will take less than 3 hours and cost around 15€ per person and 50€ per car. You can compare prices and routes, as well as book in advance, here!

Kyllini – Kefalonia: The car ride from Athens to Kyllini will take 3,5 hours, which is longer than driving to Patra. On the other hand, the ferry boat ride to Kefalonia will be quicker from Kyllini – about 2 houts. Expect to pay 12€ per person and 45€ per car and clicking here you will be able to compare prices and routes, as well as book in advance!

Astakos – Kefalonia: It only makes sense to use the port o Astakos if you are coming by car from the north of the country. If this is the case, expect to pay 12€ per person and 50€ per car and to spend around 3 hours en route to Kefalonia.


Ferry tickets can be purchased directly on the company’s websites or by using the established ferry booking platform Ferry Hopper Alternatively, you can buy the tickets at one of their ticket offices on the islands, but I recommend booking in advance.

How to get to Kefalonia from Ionian Islands

How to get to Kefalonia from other Ionian Islands

Most people choose to island-hop around the 7 main Ionian Islands instead of visiting only one. Makes sense, right? And that’s where ferryboats come in handy. They’re the go-to way for traveling between the western coast islands.

It’s possible to get to Kefalonia departing from the neighboring islands Zakynthos, Lefkada, or Ithaca. The companies Ionionpelagos, West Ferry, and Levante Ferries have frequent routes between these islands and transports passengers and cars in their boats.

You can purchase the tickets directly with FerryHopper, with the exception of the West Ferry routes. If this is your preferred company, make sure to check their website for updated schedules and send an email to westferrybooking@gmail.com to book your tickets in advance. This is something I highly recommend doing if you are traveling in the high season, but it’s not necessary if you are traveling in the low or shoulder seasons. I booked the ticket through email and it worked out very smoothly!

If you are island-hopping without a car, you can travel between Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Paxos, and Corfu with the ferry Azimut. It’s not possible to buy tickets for this route online, so you will need to contact tourist agencies to book in advance if you’re traveling in the high season.

How expensive is Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the most cost-effective Greek Islands and caters well to different types of budgets. Prices can vary according to the month of visit and the level of comfort of the stay. But in general, you should budget for:

Accommodation in Kefalonia

How expensive is Kefalonia
How much cost to travel Kefalonia Greece

Food in Kefalonia

Food in Kefalononia is very reasonably priced. So even if you’re on a tight budget you’ll be able to indulge in delicious and fresh sea-food meals paired with fantastic local wine without the fear of steep bills at the end of the evening!

To get the most of your meals in Kefalonia, I recommend visiting local tavernas, ordering various small dishes to share pairing with house local wine. You can budget considering the following:

  • Starters at a local taverna vary between 3€ to 12€
  • Main meals at a local taverna vary between 8€ to 20€
  • Local house wine won’t cost you more than 7€ per 500 ml

Most of our meals were comprised of a few starters, two mains, wine, and beers, and the bills varied between 50€ to 70€. If that sounds too much for you, fear not, my friend: it’s totally possible to eat well in Greece for less than 30€ a day if you make conscious choices.


  • A car rental will cost you around 45€ per day and you can book in advance here. A motorcycle won’t cost more than 25€ per day and you can book upon arrival.
  • A private and self-skippered boat will cost you around 100€ per day + the fuel you consume.

What to pack for Kefalonia

As you will most probably be visiting Kefalonia during spring or summer in Greece, you should be prepared for very sunny and warm days. Hence, my suggestion is that you pack light and fresh clothes, beachwear, and casual shoes. Aim for beach attire and bring a light jacket just in case – chances are that you are not going to need it!

What to pack for Kefalonia Greece

For women: pack summer and fresh dresses in various styles, from flouncy to long ones. Skirts, linen pants, fresh tops, and shorts are also great items to bring to Kefalonia. Flat and comfortable shoes should be your way to go and you absolutely won’t need high heels or heavy makeup, so don’t overpack.

For men: pack linen and fresh fabric shirts, as well as t-shirts, shorts, and fresh pants. Shoes should be casual and comfortable, with no need for fancy items or accessories.

You will also need:

Other items to pack to Kefalonia are beach floats, board games, books, a beach tennis kit, and a cooler bag to bring beverages and snacks to the beaches. You should also be aware that there are many bees and insects in the Ionian Islands. So, if you have allergic, make sure to bring along your preferred medication and keep it with you at all times. Better safe than sorry, right?

I sincerely hope this guide inspired you to visit Kefalonia, our favorite island in Greece. If you’re considering an island-hopping adventure across the Ionian Islands check our complete post including itinerary suggestions. Also, take a look at the travel guide to Ithaca, a neighbor island to Kefalonia. Should you need further insights or have any queries about Kefalonia, drop a comment below.

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