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Best lavender fields in Provence

While Provence boasts some of Europe’s most beautiful villages, it’s the striking lavender fields what beckons us to this French region summer after summer. It’s definitely what brought me to Provence twice and will surely keep me returning! Whether you’re a photographer chasing that perfect shot, or a traveler seeking a moment of awe amidst lavender rows, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the most curated guide about the best lavender fields in Provence.

As a huge lavender lover myself, you can be sure I went above and beyond to find the best lavender gems in Provence. Please use the Index below to navigate the post. But first, make sure to check our Provence Travel Guide where you’ll find practical information and itinerary suggestions. Now let’s deep dive into the magical world of Provençal lavender!

Best lavender fields in Provence

When to visit Provence for lavender bloom

If you want to catch the lavender fields in Provence in their prime, you must be precise about timing. Like many flowers, lavenders don’t bloom all year-round. Usually, most lavender fields peak between end of June and mid-July in most fields. Although the dates can slightly vary from year to year depending on weather conditions.

That said, try not to stress too much about hitting the exact peak bloom dates. The fields will look just as perfect a week before full bloom and several days after. Plus, the exact bloom timing can differ from one region to another. When we drove through Sault Plateau in mid-July, the fields weren’t quite at their peak, whereas the Valensole fields were in peak bloom. That’s all to say that if you visit Provence between last week of June to mid-August, you should the able to enjoy the magnificent fields of lavender. Even if not all of them are blooming at the same time!

We visited Provence between June 29th and July 12th and were able to experience lavender fields in full bloom and to take part in many summer festivities like the Lavender Festival in Apt. During these summer weeks prices were higher, crowds were bigger and temperatures were scalding. But, I can wholeheartedly affirm it was all worth it. The purple fields are truly a dream come true and it’s hard to think of a better place to be in Europe during these weeks!

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Where to find the best lavender fields in Provence

The best lavender fields in Provence can be found in the Valensole Plateau, Luberon Valley and Sault Plateau. If time allows, I recommend visiting all three regions and exploring as many lavender fields as possible. After all, how many lavender fields is too many?

To help you in this endeavor, I prepared a comprehensive list of best lavender fields in Provence and recommend you get our personalized map if you’d like to get all of these locations seamlessly integrated to your Google Maps. Believe it or not, you’ll find the exact location of 50+ lavender fields spread throughout Provence!

Where to find best lavender fields in Provence
Best lavender fields in Provence
Best lavender fields in Provence

Best lavender fields in Valensole Plateau

When it comes to beauty and quantity of lavender fields, there’s no other place like Plateau de Valensole. It’s where you’ll find the most iconic lavender fields in the whole of Provence. In the weeks of bloom, it’s hard to drive for more than 15km without stumbling upon at least one gorgeous fields, they’re simply everywhere! But, as not all lavender fields are created equal, I prepared a list of the best areas to visit. Use it as a guide, but don’t forget to explore the less traveled roads as well!

Best lavender fields in Valensole, Provence
Lavender fields in Valensole Provence

Valensole: where to find the best lavender fields

D8 from Valensole towards D953

D56 between Valensole and Puimoisson

D56 from Puimoisson towards Moustier St. Marie

D6 between Manosque and Valensone


Best lavender fields in Provence
Best lavender fields in Luberon
Best lavender fields in Luberon Provence

Best lavender fields in Luberon

Luberon not only has the most picturesque villages in Provence, but also some of the most beautiful lavender fields too. Some of them are close to villages and easy to spot, like the one at the base of Menérbes. Some others require some intention to find them, so make sure to plan your way to the best areas in Luberon for lavender spotting and visiting the most amazing villages in Provence!

Where to find Lavender fields in Luberon
Best lavender fields in Luberon

Luberon: where to find lavender fields

Close to Maubec, 410 Rte de la Senancole

Between Lacoste and Bonnieux, road 194

Between Bonnieux and Saignon, especially road 232, 113 and 114

Sénanque Abbey

Best lavender fields Provence

Best lavender fields in Sault Plateau

The Sault Plateau is known as one of the best for lavender in France. There you’ll find an abundance of fields not just near the town of Sault, but also along the D942 road between Sault and Aurel, extending even beyond. For those seeking an immersive experience, the Lavender Trail is a must. Beginning near Vallon des Lavandes, this trail weaves through breathtaking lavender fields for about 5km. If the Provencal sun feels too intense, consider driving this route. Just bear in mind that not all roads of the trail are accessible by car.

Best lavender fields in Sault Provence
Lavender fields in Sault Provence

Sault Plateau: where to find the best lavender fields

Road D942 between Sault and Aurel

Lavender trail (Chemin des Lavandes)

Road D542 and D189 until Ferrassières


There are many fields in the Sault Plateau, so for your convenience we’ve compiled all the locations in one personalized map. Believe it or not, there are more than 50 lavender fields tagged. Click here to get yours and have them seamlessly integrated to your Google Maps!

As a reminder, the lavender fields in Sault Plateau tend to bloom later than the rest of Provence. So, keep in mind that when the Valensole Plateau gets into full bloom, Sault will most probably be a couple of weeks behind. That will help you put together an itinerary that’s most optimal for lavender field hunting!

Best sunflower fields in Provence

Lavenders are not the only flower blooming in Provence. Although less spoken of, the sunflower fields in Provence are equally great to visit. Especially the ones merging with lavender fields and creating a landscape that almost seem too beautiful to be true. They are a true paradise for photographers and visitors alike!

Best sunflower fields in Provence
Where to find sunflower fields in Provence

We spontaneously found a beautiful field while driving between Menérbes and Goult. The closest location tagged on Google Maps is Belvoir, but you’ll find it perfectly pinned in our personalized map.

Nevertheless, I must say the most beautiful sunflower fields we saw were in Valensole, right next to lavender rows. You’ll find at least a couple of them on D6 from Manosque to Valensole, close to Terraroma and a bit further down the road. Enjoy!

When planning to see sunflower fields in Provence, remember that they typically bloom from late June to August, almost exactly aligned with lavenders. The exact timing can vary based on weather conditions in a particular year. Also, always be respectful when visiting any fields. Don’t trample on flowers, and respect private property rules if there are any to be considered.

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Where to stay in Provence to visit the lavender fields

The best lavender fields in Provence are located in the Valensole Plateau, Luberon Valley and Sault Plateau. These areas are not so far away from each other, but depending on your starting point, it can take quite a while to drive between them. So, if time allows, I’d recommend picking at least 2, if not 3 different home-bases for your lavender hunting itinerary.

I’ve published some itinerary suggestions for 5, 8 and 12 days in Provence here. They are perfect inspiration for trips of different lengths in Provence, so make sure to check them out!

Where to stay to visit Lavender fields in Provence
Best places to stay to visit Lavender fields in Provence

To better explore the lavender fields in Luberon, I recommend staying in 1 or 2 of the below places:

Fontaine de Vaucluse: Stay at the magnificent Hotel du Poéte

Oppède: Stay at Domainne les Roullets, an idylic property in the heart of Luberon

Gordes: Stay at Mas de la Beaume, which has a fantastic location and a pool!

Apt: Stay at La Providence, which has a beautiful lavender field and a pool with the best view!

Staying in Apt for a few nights is a really smart choice, as the village is strategically located between the fields in Luberon and the ones in the Sault Plateau. We stayed at Hotel La Providence and couldn’t have enjoyed more. Here it’s worth mentioning we booked and paid for the hotel independently, so you can be sure this is a 100% trustworthy recommendation!

To explore the lavender fields in Valensole Plateau, I recommend spending at least a night in Valensole. Les Terrasses de Valensole is the most charming hotel in the area!

HOT TIP! For a perfect lavender itinerary in Provence, I’d book some nights in either Gordes, Fontaine or Oppède + a couple of nights in Apt + a couple of nights in Valensole. That would cut down driving distances substantially and would allow you to make the most of your days!

Tips for visiting lavender fields in Provence

Wandering the endless rows of lavender in full bloom is a memory I’ll cherish forever. While there’s no wrong way of experiencing the lavender fields in Provence, there are some tips that can make the experience more enjoyable. Here are my top considerations:

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Tips for visiting Lavender fields in Provence
Recommendations for visiting Lavender fields in Provence
Lavender fields in Provence

Bees are everywhere!

I hate to break it to you, but bees are everywhere in Provence during weeks of lavender bloom. They are mostly taking care of their own business and uninterested in harassing you. But if you’re allergic, I’d definitely recommend taking extra care, as stinging incidents are not rare.

I was actually stung 3 times while wandering through lavender fields in Provence. Mostly by bees that went under my dress and felt trapped, so ended up stinging me to protect themselves. While the pain wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t the worst thing either. If you’re stung, get a cream to help with the swollenness at a pharmacy!

Respect the environment

While driving in Provence, you’ll notice that visiting the lavender fields is a very straightforward affair. All you have to do is to pull over and enjoy the landscapes and the perfect aroma exuding from the flowers. But, it’s important to remember that although open to the public, most fields are private and represent the live hood of local farmers. So, be respectful to the property and environment and avoid stepping on the lavenders or picking them.

Dress accordingly

I’m a Brazilian used to warm weather, and must admit I felt completely overwhelmed with the summer heat in Provence. Temperatures normally reached 35°C + mid-day, so we often went back to our hotel to enjoy some pool and chill time between 1 and 5pm. Still, during the hours we were out and about, it was quite warm and required some strategic clothing decisions.

If you’re visiting Provence during lavender bloom like we did, make sure to pack the freshest and lightest clothes you own. Linen is perfect and whenever possible, opt for flowy outfits. Don’t forget to bring a good hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, as well as loads of water wherever you go!

I hope these tips were useful to you. If you’re planning a trip to Provence, make sure to check other exclusive travel guides about Provence by clicking here. And if you have a question or an additional tip to fellow travelers, please leave a comment below!

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